I've always been one to dive into trends, whether they suit me or not, whether I can afford it or not, generally I'm a trend-led person, whether it's music, Snapchat filters, food and drink, exercise or fashion. But let's face it, fashion is the most dominant one. So today I'm delving into a few different trends, mixing them up & shoving them together all in one outfit, to see if sporty, oriental, bohemian and formal elements can work together.

White Baseball Cap | Banggood* (similar)
Camel Suede Skirt | Select (similar)

I wore my new sporty mesh panel tee from Light in the Box for the first time last week, and couldn't be happier. I originally thought it may be hard to style or even awkward to wear since some low priced tops are often see-through, but that definitely wasn't the case with this tee! It's lightweight, and the material doubles over to make sure it's super opaque, which is great since Autumn is coming up and it's about to get a hell of a lot chillier! I absolutely love the mesh sleeves, which give this plain top an interesting feel & sporty vibe. Pair with another white item in your outfit & it'll go with everything you own!

Trend number two that I've been loving  is the oriental embroidery that I've literally been seeing everywhere. I've seen it on jackets, bags, jeans, jumpers... What havn't I seen it on? So obviously I had to have atleast one item in my wardrobe to try out the trend, and it comes in the form of this gorgeous bomber jacket from Gamiss. I have to admit, I couldn't even wait to save this jacket until after I had photographed it, I just had to try it out! I found it goes with so much, as black items generally do, and it's super comfy too!
Finally, the shoes. If i'm honest, the shoes are beautiful, but I'm not a heels person. I can usually last more than five minutes in heels, pointed or not, but I was surprised how much these ones rubbed my feet. Did I get the wrong size? Should I have worn gel insoles? Who knows. The shoes themselves were an absolute bargain at £5.00 from Light In The Box, which is super cheap, and you guys know how much i love bargains!


  1. Adorable pics!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  2. I adore these pieces, and I love trying out new trends for myself too! I'm so obsessed with the embroidery trend especially- that jacket is gorgeous! x


    1. It's definitely one of my face trends & it would look great on you! X


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