It may be old news for some, but for me I'm only just getting into customized clothing. I've been seeing tutorials everywhere, people sewing badges onto jackets, jeans and shirts, and I just love it! I've always been a creative person with a love for arts and crafts, so appreciating other people's handy work is something I've been loving a lot recently! I'm planning to customize some of my own clothing sometime soon, I think sticking some floral badges on jeans will look amazing paired with a chunky knit and ankle boots for Winter! 

Black Belt | Zaful* (similar)
Black Shoulder Bag | Primark (similar)
Frayed Hem Denim Skirt | Zaful* (similar) 
Burgundy Boots | Gamiss* (similar)

Seeing as I havn't really delved into the whole customization thing just yet, I decided to pick up this adorable shirt from Shein with the badges already sewn on the shirt. I thought it might be a good idea to wear the look before doing it myself, just incase I find it hard to style... but obviously that isn't the case! I love the pop-arty space ships, love hearts and phrases on my stripy shirt, and think for under £20 it's a pretty amazing top to have! I paired it with my favourite denim skirt, though I have to admit, I was pretty cold at the time... thank god for tan coloured tights!

I would love to get any recommendations on where to buy badgets or what to customize if any of you guys have given it a go!


  1. Love love LOVE that shirt <3 looks so great as a whole, smashed it!

    Kathleen | Made In The 1990s

  2. That shirt is super cute, I love the detailing! x

    1. Isn't it just the cutest?! Thanks for he lovely comment Holl x

  3. That shirt is absolutely adorable! I love how you've styled it too .. and I am in love with your shoes too!

  4. This is one of my favorite style!Classic and comfortable.

  5. As if that bag is from Matalan! What a good find!
    I love your outfit, that skirt especially!
    Sallie X

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  7. Love the shirt! Saw one like this with Girl Gang badges and now I'm gutted I didn't get it. I've seen some lovely phone cases which you can customize on gocustomized x

    Style of Colours


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