Here's a bit of a life catchup/rant that I had to get out of my system, to show you guys things are never perfect behind the camera, and nobody is positive 100% of the time... I never thought it would affect me so much changing from Summer to Autumn, and i'm surprised how much it has. Since the season officially started, I've been ill not once, but twice, the cold makes me dress differently, and i've been having less and less of a social life. I feel like cold weather puts a stop to everything, from wearing what you want to seeing who you want. I've also been feeling a little more fragile mentally aswell as physically, because of the stress of saving to move out, as well as having much busier days at work since September began. In addition to all that, i've been super unmotivated to work out because I feel like every little task takes it out of me, and even though working out makes me feel more confident in my own skin, I would rather have a Netflix marathon on my own. I really wish I went on holiday this year, but shit happens, we all have bad days or bad months. I think this has been a pretty bad year for me, and I have high hopes for next year. Hopefully by February i'll have moved out of my parents house, and I'll be content.

 Bomber Jacket | Dress Lily*
Choker | Ebay (similar)
Stripe Long Sleeve Top | Dress Link (similar)
Leather Jeggings | Primark (similar)

So on the topic of dressing differently, Today I've styled a pretty casual outfit. Over the past few months all i've been living in is bomber jackets and leggings. It's the easiest way to layer, keep warm and still look like you've made an effort, especially when your bomber is as cool as this one from Dress Lily! Sticking to a monochrome palette is the easiest way to style something so statement, so sticking with the colour scheme, I wanted to wear my comfy basics - Primark leather jeggings, white trainers and a long sleeve stripy tee.

As it's nearly Halloween, I thought i'd introduce you guys to the Dress Lily Sale. They have tons of Halloween outfits, as well as casual Halloween t-shirts and jumpers. I was super happy with the price, delivery time and quality of my recent order, so I thought i'd give it a mention in case you guys want to check it out!


  1. Oh girl! Sorry to hear you've not been feeling yourself and everything's a bit crappy! If it's any constellation, I haven't gone out much either and I want to move out soon - totally feel you!
    Also your outfit is so fab! You rock it! <3

    Hope you feel better soon and here if you need a friendly chat!

    Tania // www.teabeeblog.com xxx

  2. I'm obsessed with the embroidery on this jacket <3 you look stunning, keep smiling lovely! I hope you feel better soon x


    1. I'm totally obsessed with embroidered bombers at the moment! Thank you lovely x

  3. That bomber jacket is gorgeous! I hope you start to feel better soon - there is nothing worse than feeling down. You should arrange something with your friends xx


    1. I couldn't agree more, I'm trying to keep my chin up & see more people :) I'm so glad you like my outfit too! Xx

  4. You look so pretty here hun! I feel you! I'm ill AGAIN! It's driving me nuts! I haven't done anything for ages as I don't have the energy!

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    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

    1. There's definitely something going round haha! Hope you're feeling better soon! X

  5. Pretty cool!



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