One of my go-to every day outfits, whether it's heading to work early in the morning, buying a few bits for Christmas in town or meeting up with friends for a hot chocolate, I'm living in oversized jumeprs and tartan scarves. My latest favourite match is this gorgeous navy and white tartan scarf, and grey distressed jumper from Dress Lily. The oversized fit of the sweater means it's super easy to layer if you're not feeling a coat that day... Plus, who needs one when you have this cosy scarf to snuggle up to?  
Grey Acid Wash Jeans | H&M (similar)

I was also on the look out for a small handbag, as I seem to only own clutch bags and larger handbags, and never anything inbetween. So upon scrolling through their collection of super affordable bags, I stumbled upon this gorgeous brown bag. You may be thinking it looks pretty familiar... Tons of bloggers own the famous Chloe bags at the moment, but like most people, I don't have over £1,000 to throw away on a bag that i'm not going to be wearing every day. So I thought, since I love the design, why not get an (almost) exact copy for under £20? A total no-brainer...

I was so surprised that my order arrived early, as sometimes buying clothing from other countries is  a hassle as it takes twice as long to come, but not this time thankfully! If you havn't heard of Dress Lily before, they're a super affordable online shop that sells anything you need, from clothes, to shoes, handbags, jewellery, and men's clothes too. Plus, there's always a sale on which I love! You can check them out here!


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    1. I feel you.. Scarves are my best friend at this time of year x

  2. Scarves are what keep me warm in the winter. Recently got a gorgeous one in Portugal for just 7 euros, was so happy. I'm on the search for some new clothes for work, so I'll def check out Dress Lily, thanks for the tip gorgeous x.

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