I feel like all I ever talk about is the weather, but hey, i'm British, it's what we do! The weather influences what I wear in terms of style, colour and comfort. More often than not, in summer I'm much more daring with my wardrobe. I wear bolder colours, interesting patterns and become experimental with accessories. Like most, I feel much more confident wearing a summery outfit & being cold, than wearing a Wintery outfit and feeling under-dressed, but realistically, I don't do this often. But I thought i'd try and swtich it up today, because it's not right to keep wearing skirts & dresses on a blog that represents my personal style, when I only ever wear them in Winter on special occasions. So today i'm going to be talking about bringing colour into your everyday wardrobe in a casual outfit... I'm sure it's not just me that wears a hell of a lot of black when it gets chilly outside, right?
Tartan Scarf | Yoins* (similar)
Burgundy Suede Boots | Gamiss* (similar)
Burgundy Suede Biker Jacket | Boohoo (similar) 
Navy Jeggings | Primark (similar)

Things I wear on a daily basis to work, running errands or generally chilling in the house reflect this outfit really well. A comfortable jumper, strechy jeggings or leggings and boots, whether it's my Ugg boots or slipper boots incide the house, or leather and suede boots outside. As I briefly mentioned, I often wear black when the weather turns dull, and it seems like more of an effort to go to the gym, go to work or leave the house since it's just so cold! Anyway, I feel like bringing colour into my outfits in a subtle way for Autumn/Winter is a great way to make me feel more confident about my outfits during these months leading up to christmas, which hopefully will motivate me! And if it isn't obvious enough, one of my favourite colours to wear is burgundy. This adorable Burgundy Jumper from Dressfo is the newest addition to my burgundy staples... It's super comfortable, stretchy (yet not too slouchy) and it was an absolute steal! Of course I had to pair it with more of my burgundy faves, including these pretty fur lined boots and my suede biker. I've been in and out of the 'keyhole tops' trend, but thought having a jumper in this style is a fresh new way to wear it, and i've fallen back in love with it... So expect to see more like this post very soon!


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