I'm currently listening to Christmas songs, all of my christmas presents are ready to be wrapped & i'm writing my first Christmassy blog post of the year. I absolutely love getting in the mood for Christmas. I love the songs, the buying & giving presents, the extra days off work & family time on the big day, all sitting down for a lovely meal. If any of you guys were like me last year and hadn't started Christmas shopping until early December, I thought I'd start a series of Christmas present ideas blog posts. I love reading them myself and getting inspiration from all of you guys, so i'm kicking my little series off with 'What to buy him for Christmas'. Because we all know that the men in our lives are the hardest to buy for!

After making a recent order on Rose Gal, and discovering tons and tons of designer and high street dupes at half the price, I thought i'd show you guys some of the amazing things they do. Most of which are in the Christmas sales and under £50!

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