Grey Suede Baseball Cap | Pink NYC Cap | Grey Wool Fedora

For those of you guys waiting for the last minute Christmas sales before you head out on a mad rush doing your Christmas shopping, I thought I would make life a little easier for you by introducing you to a pretty amazing sale... And what's best, is you don't even have to leave the house! So get in your onesie, hell, get in bed and get browsing on the Zaful sale! I found tons of bargains which are all under £15 that would be a great secret santa gift, one for your bestie or even your mum! I absolutely love the watches and jewellery selection at Zaful, hence why most of my choker collection is from there!
What's on your Christmas list this year? I've asked for Gabriella's adorable stationary, homewear and lougewear collection at Primark (FYI it's all cat themed and I love it!), plus some of Zoella's makeup collection and some new brushes!


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