This year has been pretty eventful, with tons of trends coming and going. So since everyone's looking to the future and talking about new year's resolutions, I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on the year we've all had, with the 5 best and 5 worst fashion trends of 2016. Let's see how many you've tried!

BEST - Bomber Jackets - One of the trend that I feel like suited everybody was bomber jackets. I bought way too many in 2016, but my favourites were the rose gold ones that we were all obsessed with in early Autumn.

BEST - Chokers - One that's been around for over a year now, and hopefully will continue to grow is the choker trend. It started off with simple tattoo chokers around two years ago, and grew to chuny black chokers, lace up chokers and even ones covered in jewels!

BEST - Off The Shoulder Tops - Another trend that suited tons and tons of people is the off the shoulder tops. If I remember correctly, I started to get really into them around Spring time, and from there on, we had crop tops, jumpsuits, long sleeve dresses and playsuits... Though they were pretty annoying when they slipped back onto your shoulder every 5 minutes!

BEST - Mom Jeans - I remember for years and years all everyone wore was high waisted skinny jeans... but for me, 2016 was the year that pretty much all of the high street stores switched up their game! I absolutely love my high waisted Mom Jeans & will be wearing them all the way through 2017 too.

BEST - Pom Poms - From pom-pom keyrings, to chokers, shoes, belts and even dresses. You name it, you'll find it with fluffy pom poms on. Some may hate it, but I love it (as you can probably tell with this outfit post).
WORST - Fully Nude Outfits -In my opinion, wearing the exact same colour of your skin nude coloured skin tight jumpsuit or playsuit is a big no-no. Is it just me that thinks people will do a double-take when they think you're naked?

WORST - The Pjama Shirt - One trend I almost tried, then changed my mind is the pjama shirt. I've seen my favourite bloggers wearing them, and if i'm honest I really don't get it!

WORST - Low Rise Jeans - There's nothing I love more than high waisted jeans, you can bend as low as you want and don't worry about showing any unwanted flesh.. So when mom jeans came out in low rise styles, I scrolled right past.

WORST - 'I Woke Up Like This' Tops -Yes I had one, you probably had one, hell, I bet someone in your family had one too!

WORST - Dresses that barely cover your modesty with sequins - Yep seriously... If you havn't seen it already, google 'Beyonce's barely there sequin dress'.


  1. Chokers, off the shoulder tops and bomber jackets were my favourite trends this year.. And I'm totally with you when it comes to nude body suits. It's a no from me!! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. love how you listed the best and worst

  3. Really nice :) Amazing total look
    I love so much this your looking :)


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