If i'm honest i've been struggling with my blog recently. Ever since I came down with the flu around two weeks ago my motivation has been at 0%, and even though I have tons of collabs to share with you guys, I hope you all bare with me while I bring myself back to feeling 100% again, which fingers crossed will be soon! My full time job has been the busiest it's ever been since i started about a year and a half ago, so when I come home at 5:30 every night after working 9 hours, its so hard for me to do anything besides lay in bed. Finding the time to balance a full time job, a fashion blog which I've grown and loved for over two years, as well as seeing my boyfriend, trying to have a social life and also saving to move out (which isn't going so well since Christmas happened, oops), is a little much to handle when you're under the weather. So instead of taking outfit photos every Sunday, since the weather hasn't been on my side for two weeks running, I'm trying to be a little more inventive with posting, whether it's making the odd wishlist, or trying out a bit of beauty blogging through showing you guys what makeup i've been loving (which is coming really soon), or my last post which was showing you guys my perfume collections. So that's just a little explination as to what's going on in my life, and also why you guys may have noticed i've been posting less often, I hope you understand.


Well, now all that is out of the way, I thought i'd move onto the big day that's soon approaching... Valentine's day! I personally love valentine's day, aswell as shopping for pressies for my boyfriend, and also the whole idea of the day being about people you care for most. For those single ladies out there, it's also a pretty great reason to treat yourself, even if you have nobody to buy for, and with tons of Valentine's deals that come out mid-February, you'd be crazy not to buy a thing or two for yourself! Today i've included a few of my favourite things from Zaful's Valentine's Day Promotions, that are too big of a bargain to miss.

Now, let's be honest... Do you love or hate Valentine's day?


  1. I seriously can't decide if I love or hate Valentine's Day! I think it's a bit of both if that's even possible?! I just love the excuse to buy heart shaped cookies and pink cupcakes haha.

    Jodie x

    1. I know exactly what you mean, it's great for some people and not so great for others... But a great excuse to buy chocolates even if they're only for yourself x

  2. I love all the clothes for Valentine's! Make us feel sexy :p (even more) xoxo


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