Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had an amazing 2016, and hope 2017 brings you happiness, love & tons of exciting things to look forward to! My 2016 had a few lows and a few highs, but i'm always trying to focus on the good things in life, because there's always lots of things that we don't appreciate in our everyday life, that others just don't have. There's not much in the way of goals for 2017, though i'd say the only thing would be to move out with my boyfriend into a nice house or flat, and to keep on top of the gym!

 Navy & Pink Dress | Honeyz*(here)
Clutch Bag | Primark (similar)
Silver Bracelet | Larimar* (here)
Black lace up heels | Asos* (similar)

On New Year's eve, after finishing work me and Jordan stocked up on the cocktail ingredients and snacks for later on in the night, before getting ready for an amazing Indian meal. After a few drinks and amazing food, we went back to his house with his family to make cocktails and play a few drinking games. It was the latest i've stayed up in so long, and I must admit, it took me a full day to recover! 

My outfit for the night was this amazing dress from Honeyz, which is part of the Vicky Pattinson range on their website. As it's longer than the dresses I usually go for, I felt much more confident and classy which was great! I absolutely love dressing up, and it's very rare for me to wear heels, but I grinned and bared it, as I think the black shoes and bag paired really well together. I was surprised to see when I got this beauty through the post, that it is a structured dress, which means it instantly gives you an hourglass figure, nipping you in at the waist and instantly making you feel like you've got the curves of Kylie Jenner!

If any of you guys are like me, and wondering where to spend yout Christmas money, make sure you check out the Honeyz Sale... They have some killer chokers and amazing silk dresses!


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