Sunglasses you say? In January? No joke, the weather is literally so hit and miss in Lancashire right now. One minute it's raining, the next it's snowing, and the day after it's sunny? In the spirit of not knowing what the hell to wear, here's a laid back outfit I wore not so long ago wearing a few new Wintery pieces i've been loving...
Leather Jeggings | Primark (similar)

Cheap Ass Sunglasses isn't just a phrase you know, it's a pretty amazing online store that sells... you got it, cheap ass sunnies! Unlike probably most of you guys, I've never really found a certain shape that suits me, and usually buy tons of pairs each year just kind of winging it. But after choosing this amazing pair of cat eye glasses recently from Cheap Ass Sunglasses, i've gone and done it! I've found my favourite shape *Yay*!
And if any of you read this blog post about owning way too many oversized jumpers, yep, you guessed it... Here's another new beaut from Shein! I love the super thick material, and how it looks like an oversized frilly shirt has been layered underneath, when really it's just one piece! I've found it looks amazing when worn to work with a smart pair of trousers, and equally great paired with jeans for a casual Sunday afternoon. I paired the whole look together with a few black staples; both my leather jeggings and studded boots!


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