How on earth has it been almost a week since i've blogged... again?! On a bit of a life update, moving out of my parent's house is seeming more and more achieveable, and Jordan and I have already been furniture shopping, and have applied for our first house! Nothing's final yet, though I'm really holding up hope that I'll be moved out by the end of March.

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Recently I feel like I've been needing a lot more down time, from the blog, family, work, just life in general. After being one of those people that's always busy seeing friends or my boyfriend, working out or if i'm not at my day job, i'm back at home blogging. So after having an evening to myself, binge-watching Orphan Black and having a peaceful bubble bath, I thought i'd update you guys. No I havn't disappeared, but after spending a few weekends with my boyfriend rather than making content for my blog, you may be seeing a little less of me around. After all, I've been blogging for almost three years and posting every other day, so it's only natural for life to get in the way of things.

Another reason why I seem to be posting less is that I've been going on social media less and less. In my free time I no longer scroll through Instagram commenting and liking trying to gain followers, or posting every other day because a brand has asked me to share a piece of clothing. After non-stop brand collaborations for probably about 8 months, now that it's quiet, I have no pressure, and I have time to just be me. Write what I like, mention whichever brands I like rather than who i'm working with. I used to feel like there's a ton of pressure to post regularly or i'll lose followers, or for my photos to look a certain way, or for my outfit to be edgy enough to stand out 100% of the time. So this is me saying i'm just going to be myself. If you guys want to post pretty white city backdrops, or travel miles for the perfect scene to match your look, that's great! But never feel like you need to for a stranger's approval. I feel like there's only one kind of Instagram theme that people follow, or there's that one London backdrop that's everyone's goal to have. Be you, don't be them.


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