A-Line skirts are literally my favourite thing to wear! From season to season, they seem to stick around, with new styles always coming out, from the button up, to the lace up, suede and zip front. There's so many looks to take you season through season, and since I seem to pretty much wear some kind of skirt almost every post, or every other blog post, why not dedicate an entire blog post to them?

Leather Jacket | Brenda Shop* (similar)
Burgundy Button Up Skirt | Shein* (here)
Choker | Yoins* (similar)
V Neck Black Shirt | Primark (similar) 
Burgundy Faux Fur Ankle Boots | Gamiss (similar)

1. A-Line skirts are super flattering for pretty much any figure. They add curves to slim ladies, they skim past my curves evening out my pear shaped body, and are perfect for hourglass ladies as they show off your waist!
2. They work for summer or Winter... Just add tights to a darker coloured skirt in Autumn or Winter, and in Spring/Summer, they look amazing in bright colours with bare legs.
3. They're so comfortable too! Have you ever had to take smaller steps and walk slower due to your restricting pencil skirt? Me too.
4. Styled for a night out, work meetings, on the beach or for a casual shopping trip, you can literally wear them for every occasion.
5. As i mentioned before, it's not often that one type of skirt can come in so many designs, colours and materials. They're probably the most worn, most accessible skirt on the high street!

Here are some of my favourite affordable high street picks that I think you'll love:


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