One of the things I love most about fashion is that you never need to spend a lot. Sure, you can buy that designer bag if you have the spare cash... I wish I did! So here's some of the things I've learned over the years that will help you save some cash, but will keep your wardrobe expanding, even if like me you never have the space!
Hoop Earrings | Primark (similar)
V Neck Blouse | Primark (similar)
DIY Ripped Jeans | Rose Gal* (similar)
Pink Lace Up Ballerinas | Ebay (similar) 

So you see your favourite blogger wearing a pretty amazing dress on her Insta, or your best friend snapping her night out on Instagram, and think it would look great on you too. Do you ask her where it's from and snap yourself up one too? No. Head over to Ebay, or google for that matter, and describe what it looks like. You'll be surprised how many similar (or even better) alternatives you'll get. Plus, if you save a few quid, you can buy it in a few colours too!

When you head out for a shopping trip in your local mall, make notes of what things you like, write them in your notes and search for them online when you get home! I've been doing this for years, and always seem to find similar things to Topshop, Zara etc, but a quarter of the price. And if you don't mind buying second hand things, some people buy new dresses for around £100, wear them once and put them on Ebay for half of the price. Why not be the one who snaps it up and gets a ton of wear out of it? Shop smart and don't buy on a whim.

And finally, learn when to say no. If i'm honest, I need to do this too ha! When you're going to a special event and have nothing to wear, make sure you prepare days in advance, so you can dig out every single dress you have, try them all on and fall back in love with them again. Maybe you don't need that new dress or pair of heels... You'll never know unless you start digging back into the pile of things you havn't worn in a while.
The reason I wanted to write about this today, is that I see so many girls on Instagram buying new designer things, going on extravagent holidays and generally spending a ton more than the average person has to spend. I wanted to blog about an outfit that wasn't worth a ton of money, but can still be Instagram worthy, if that's what you aim for in an outfit.

One of my favourite trends that I've been seeing on jackets and denim recently, is the sewn on badges. I got this super cool electric blue one from Shein recently, and literally fell in love! The colour and shine of the velvet material makes it such a statement jacket, and to wear with a simple pair of ripped jeans and a black blouse just shows how it can make a pretty minimal outfit look super cool! I accessorized with some Primark hoops, and an awesome Zaful choker which I really love! Plus it's the first time i've worn my DIY ripped jeans on the blog, and i have to say, i'm super proud of my 5 minute job, and would totally recommend cutting into your own rather than paying more for jeans with holes in... Seems a bit silly really doesn't it.


  1. You can totally shop on a budget! Great tip of googling similar items x

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  2. You look stunning Emma! That jacket is such a beauty! x


  3. You look so stunning! The jacket is just amazing! I always opt to budget styling! I get more for my money and if I don't wear something as much I don't feel guilty!

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    1. I feel the exact same. In fact, I wear my most expensive items less in case I ruin them, so it's not worth it! x


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