I thought i'd talk about something a little different today... It's great to mix things up and talk about a variety of different things, so I've been writing down blog post ideas on the go, and from now on i'm planning to write about a ton of different subjects for you guys! So here's the first one on my list, how I take my outfit photos!

Suede Grey Trench Coat | Dressy Star (similar)
Black Ankle Boots | Ebay (similar)

When first planning my outfit photos, I organize my outfits the night before, try them on infront of a mirror, and work out which angles look best. Then I take a snap of it on my phone, so I can take a quick look at it when deciding on the locations the day after. Prepping for photos also includes putting on fake tan, painting my nails and on the odd occasion sleeping with my hair in foam rollers.
On the day I have a think of where i'd like to take photos, and this always depends on who's taking them. Sometimes I get my photographer friend Rachel to take photographs, since she has a freelance business and a photography degree, but if you don't know anyone like that then don't worry. You don't always need a professional to take great pictures! My sister took this set of photos and has no experience with photography. So once I've decided on 2-3 locations i'd like to go to for the different outfits, I park up and get shooting!

I have a handfull of poses which are my go-to, and always like to go somewhere quiet so it makes me and also my photographer more comfortable. If it's a sunny day I always like to either be in the shade, or put my back to the sun to get the best lighting. On this occasion I asked my sister to take full length photos in one place, then we walked to another to take portraits and half-length photos. Standing far away from the background I find usually works best, so it creates a nice blurry background, while putting all the focus on what I'm wearing.
Once all of the photos have been taken (in Raw), I head home to edit them. If you'd like to know how I edit my photos I'll be doing a whole post about this really soon, along with how I edit my Instagram photos too!

And finally, onto the outfit! I picked up some new season pieces from Zaful recently, delving into some new trends which were quite daring for me! No doubt you've seen those corset belts popping up on Instagram; Usually worn with an oversized white or grey t-shirt? Well say hello to my version of the trend! I decided to make it a little more formal than an oversized tee, and wore this gorgeous frilly dress with it. I absolutely love how it looks, I just wish i'd chosen a bigger size so it was a tad longer.

Are there any new trends you're dying to try this season? Let me know in the comments!

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