Within this industry, there are a ton of high points, but one of the lows that most people don't seem to talk about is social media. How you can put your all into something only to have somebody else shoot it down. When you can spend hours taking photos, promoting your content and touching up your website, only to get negative comments on social media. Why do people think this is acceptable, and why should we put up with it? I've seen a lot of people recently targeted on Twitter, and others sharing comments from their Youtube videos which are completely uncalled for. If you have even been targeted by nasty people who insult others for their entertainment, here's a little back story that I've never shared before, and a few tips of how to not let these people bother you again.

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Without making this post too lengthy, I just want to share something that happened to me last summer. I promote things on social media all the time, mainly my blog posts, and this one summer I posted a photo of myself wearing a red playsuit, which I thought was great, so why not share it? So when somebody thought it was okay to create a twitter account for the sole purpose of insulting me, I can safely say I wasn't pleased at all. There was only around 10 tweets that this person had ever posted (which were all about me), and after tagging me in a photo of myself with insulting captions, I knew it was personal. They would crop and zoom in to parts of my photos listing out thing like 'Is she pregnant', or 'She is too fat to wear this'. I know there are tons of people who have it worse than me, but who in the right mind does this, or even thinks it is funny? I recently saw a Tweet by Gabriella from Velvet Ghost on Youtube sharing a comment she got on one of her videos threatening rape... Just why??

Thankfully I tried to not reply to these comments, and blocked the user. Forgetting about it wasn't easy, but I moved on, and here's how:
1. Focus on the good things in life. Making a small list of 5 things you have accomplished this week can instantly lift your mood.
2. Don't takethings personally - Everybody goes through hard times at some point in their life, and maybe this is their low point.
3. Don't be rude back or even entertain an argument, it usually just makes things worse.
4. Don't let anyone else tell you who you are or what you should look like. Learn to love yourself... Nobody is perfect
5. And the biggest one? Don't compare yourself to others.


  1. How utterly ridiculous that someone took time out of their lives to do something so horrible and mean. I, for one, think you always look fabulous, and I absolutely love reading your posts for style inspo. You always slay! You have the perfect attitude to this - rise above it and keep doing you! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Jess, I really appreciate that! I almost didn't share this, but after tons of grief I saw people getting on Twitter over the past few days I thought i'd share it xx

  2. You always look incredible Emma! Some people are just so petty and horrible, its totally unnecessary! x

    1. I couldn't agree more Holl! Thanks for your support girl xx

  3. Great advice. Thank you! You look great. It is difficult for a lot of people to mind their own business.

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  6. You look great! Don't care what other people say.
    PS: I found your blog on pinterest and i love it! It's the first british blog i will follow now.

    Go on girl!




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