After a cute shopping trip with the boyfriend at the weekend, I managed to have a peek at some of the new season bits that are knocking about on the high street. As some of you guys may know, I don't buy from the high street as often as others, as I love to take inspiration, but then save money by buying elsewhere. It's also great to never be wearing the same thing as someone else ha!
So I decided to put together quite a girly wishlist today, full of pastels and nudes! I've been seeing some super cute floaty blouses, flared sleeves and dark blush pinks, especially in the likes of Primark! So just like I love to do, i've found some cheaper alernatives from a shop called Rose Gal. I've made a few orders from this site within the past 6 months, and really love what they have to offer! Granted, some of it isn't my style, but there's tons and tons of great bargains to snap up! (I especially love their lace up skirts and chokers.)

I hope you guys are having a fab Monday!


  1. I love this little inspo round up! The bags are so creative I love them! I have the cut out jumper in grey from Zaful and it's my favourite! x

    |Georgia Megan|

    1. I love having a litle round-up of things i like, it's a great way to browse and not buy haha! x


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