Now, let me tell you guys how hard it is to find a midi dress when youre 5ft3.. It's pretty danm hard! I've been wanting to invest in an embroidered dress for a while, so when I spotted this beauty on Rose Gal last month, I thought, why the hell not! One of the key things i've noticed when wearing midi dresses, is you have to wear strappy shoes... Wearing boots with this thing makes you look a hell of a lot shorter haha!

White T-shirt | Dress Lily (similar)

So after trying to master the art of wearing midi dresses, I thought i'd take it out for a spin! I chose to layer it with a plain white tee since it's still pretty cold up here in Lancashire, and finished off with two super cute lace up accessories.

I've been seeing these kind of chokers literally everywhere, and I've finally bagged myself one *hooray!* They look amazing with low cut V neck tops, but equally good with a plain white tee to spice things up a little bit! And finally... yes I do actually have feet. It's been a long long Winter, and I think i've probably worn boots on every single outfit post since about September last year!! So now it's time to get back into girly ballerinas, lace up shoes and block heels, just like these beauties.


  1. Now that is one stunning dress Emma! You look super cute! x

    1. Thank you so much Holl! You're always so lovely xx

  2. The dress is amazing!!

    abi |

  3. Awesome outfit and style.
    That dress is so cool!
    Thanks for sharing


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