I've wanted to write this post for a while now. I once read that writing a list of 5 things that you love and are thankful for can lift your mood, and make you appreciate the small things in life that you take for granted. I guess this can apply for anything really, from making you more productive with a list of goals for the week or month, or even lists for and against doing something life changing, like getting a new job, moving out with your partner or even going to a big event.

So since the end of the month is fast approaching, I have decided to make this list, to make me more organised, inspired, and excited for things to come. My first goal for June is a pretty big one. Jordan and I have been planning to move out of our parents house for about six months, and we're finally ready! We've already applied for a house that we love, I just really hope we get the chance to move in... But if it isn't meant to be, then it isn't meant to be. We'll keep seeing house after house until we find another that's right for us.

My second goal is to be more strict with my money, and say no to that takeaway, or no to that new pair of shoes that I won't wear that often. Saving for our house would have been such a quicker process if we had said no to the luxury things in life. It's time to be an adult, and live off the essentials until we have enough money to furnish our house, and enough to not live paycheck to paycheck.

And the final thing is to (hopefully) stop worrying. About life, my job, my family, my relationships with friends, fitness etc. Life is what it is, and sometimes you're lucky enough to have everything go your way, and sometimes you're not. It's time to remind myself that people don't always get what they want, and I just need to roll with it. Deal with what life gives you and smile anyway!


  1. I liked it all, all, all...
    My favorite pics 2, 4, 6.

  2. Great look! You've set up some great goals there.


  3. Love the outfit and how you paired the corset with the dress. Your makeup is on point too!

    Jessica |


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