So many pretty outfits and not enough money... It's the story of my life! I've been loving wine red dresses, red embroidered detailing on denim, and pretty much all red or burgundy things Zaful has to offer this Spring. I'm seeing so many more styles around the high street that are super easy to wear, and for that reason, I wish money grew on trees! I'm currently saving up to move out next month, which is why I'm sat here writing about dresses to you guys, rather than joining my friends at the pub... Oh the adult life! But it will all be worth it when I have moved out. Fingers crossed my next payday wishlist will also be the blog post which I tell you guys that I've moved in with Jordan.

A few of my favourite pieces which I would love to get my hands on are the embroidered ripped jeans and the adorable burgundy co-ord which would be perfect for any of you lucky people who are heading away somewhere hot this Summer. (Please bring the sun back to England when you come home!)

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