I used to be one of those people who loved working out. It made me feel happy, and completely made my day! I've had my gym membership for five years now, and used to go 2-3 times per week to go to Zumba, Swimming, Instanity class and the gym. But lately I've not been motivated, and become lazy. I've started to say yes to takeaways and no to going to the gym. Why? Because I was bored of my routine. It seemed so much easier to hop to the gym for 30 minutes than to be at the leisure center for a specific time, to work out in a hall cramped with another 30 women. I went to Zumba less and less, and then my gym partner stopped coming. Now I barely go once per week, yet i'm still paying £20 per month. But since it's getting closer to summer, and I want to drop a few pounds (or stone!), I've researched a few handy tips to keep me interested, motivated and happy!
  • Try new moves and machines at the gym, and inspire yourself with Youtube workout tutorials.
  • Vary the intensity of what you do - It's great to get a sweat on at the gym, but why not spend your sunday taking a hike with your friend or partner?
  • Buy new workout clothing.
  • Set yourself fitness goals & measure how far you've come in weeks or months.
  • Plan your workouts at the beginning of the week and try your best to stick to them.
  • Get yourself a gym buddy to compete with!
  • Buy yourself a small set of weights, and exercise at home once per week.
  • Splash out on a personal trainer once in a while.
  • Find out what classes your gym has to offer, and try a new one every week for a month.
  • Buy an exercise video & incorporate some of those moves in your gym routine.
  • Remember, you're doing this for yourself and nobody else. Don't be afraid to work out on your own.


  1. I went to the gym today and realised that for my last few sessions I've really felt as though I'm in a bit of a rut with what I'm doing. I love the idea of trying out a few new classes

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. I feel like i've been like this since before Christmas, it's such a bummer because I used to love working out too! Since writing this post i've been swimming, and an exercise class, i'm keeping my gym time reserved for the few times per month that I have a gym buddy, to ease the boredom haha! I'm really loving re-discovering classes I used to love!


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