From dresses to denim jackets, t-shirts and shorts, embridered florals are everywhere, and it looks like they're here to stay. I seem to have accumilated tons of floral pieces this Spring/Summer, so today I thought I would show you how to incorporate them into casual dressing. You've seen me in embroidered dresses and jackets... Now onto the dressed down t-shirt and leggings! 

Embroidered Floral Crop Top | ToSave*
Lace Up Black Leggings | ToSave*
Cat Eye Sunglasses | Cheap Ass Sunglasses*
Harley Quinn Choker | My Sister's Accessories* 
Embroidered Denim Jacket | Zaful* (similar) 
Black Ankle Boots | Ebay (similar)
Not meaning to babble on too much, but I thought I'd mention that I actually planned to photograph this outfit two weeks ago. I got ready, spent ages doing my makeup, hair, tan etc. Actually found a day where my boyfriend didn't mind taking my blog photos, and on my very steep steps in our new cottage, I slipped down the last step in a pair of  mid-height heel ankle boots, twisted my back and damaged a muscle, which literally left me in crippling pain for days. Never could I think that slipping on one step and landing funny could put me in so much pain. Having to sit upright without a bend in my back at all for days on end was super frustrating, and just so you can imagine how much it hurt to even bend to touch my knees, I had to ask my boyfriend to put my shoes, socks and even my pants on! So when attempting to photograph this outfit for a second time, I decided to change my shoes. And those black leather boots are my unlucky boots from now on!

And finally onto the outfit. My newest embroidered piece is this gorgeous mesh cropped t-shirt with a beautiful floral design. It looks great with a plain black cami or t-shirt underneath, but if you're feeling daring, it would look great on a night out with a lace bralet too. Both my t-shirt and leggings are from ToSave, and as the shop name suggests, both were an absolute steal, coming in at £11.00 for both items together! Granted, to bag these kinds of bargains, the shipping is abit longer than the average UK delivery, but if I remember rightly, the shipping is super cheap too!


  1. I love this outfit!

    I love embroidery but sometimes/ all the time when I wear it, it just doesn't work - I love this way you rock this outfit :)

    1. Thanks Sophie, so glad you like it! I'm sure you'll find that perfect piece one day x

  2. That top is so so pretty, I love it! Looking gorgeous as ever Emma x


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