I've seen people do Instagram monthly round-ups, outfit diaries and food diaries... Well this is my accessory diary! I seem to have accumilated choker after choker ever since they started trending a couple of years ago. With every other shopping trip or online purchase, i'm always finding new accessories that I love... And with most being under £5, it's so easy to just drop one into your basket along with a new dress or pair of shoes.
My newest chokers are from My Sister's Accessories and include denim, embroiderery, leather and suede. Adding a simple choker to a plain tee and jeans can instantly transform your outfit, and I've even ditched the statement jewelry on nights out for embellished or lace-up chokers too. I've been wearing these chokers on and off for a couple of weeks during my blogging break, and couldn't be happier with the quality. And since they're an absolute bargain, I'd be mad to have only got one!
Some of these Instagram photos were snapped before blog shoots, and some in my outfits to work or shopping. I'm planning to incorporate them all into outfit posts, but for now, I thought they really deserved a blog post all on their own.


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