Long time no see... If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll probably know i've been going on about moving house for months now. From unpacking, to photographers being unavailable, to injuring my back, it seems like for the past month blogging/social media just wasn't possible. It was also quite nice to have a break, because don't get me wrong, I love my blog. But sometimes I feel unnessecary pressure to post on time, constantly update social media even when i'm at work or out and about, so I thought it was time after 3 years of posting pretty much every other day, to just have a couple of weeks break.

Leather Jeggings | Primark (similar)

Now i've finally settled into my house, and bought another tripod for the times when I don't have a photographer, plus now that I actually have a blogging workspace, I'm planning to get back into my old routine. I snapped these photos this weekend when it was nice and sunny. Jordan and I walked just around the corner from our house into the park, and it was then that I realized how much I missed wearing new clothes, doing my makeup extra special, and showing you guys what things i've been loving recently.

Today I'm wearing a couple of new bits from Light In The Box, a brand that I have been working with and weaing their super affordable yet stylish clothing for around a year or two. This gorgeous off the shoulder striped top keeps you really cool with the loose fitting layered material... perfect for holidays! I styled it with a pop of colour in these jewelled yellow mules which may not be for everybody, but are certainly right up my street! Worn casually on holiday or for a lunch date, I just know these mules would look amazing. And finally, to match my red lippie I'm wearing these adorable red tassle earrings, again from Light In The Box.
I have tons of new ideas for blog posts, and since I have a 4 day weekend off work next week, I hope you guys are ready to see some new kinds of posts, different photography styles and also topics I havn't covered before! But for now, if you're looking for a couple of pieces similar to what I'm wearing, i've picked a couple of my highstreet favourites out for you below.


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