The 'Wear with Everything' Shirt

On one of my more casual days last weekend, I decided to snap a few shots of what I was wearing for a quick shopping and brunch trip with the boyfriend. This sort of minimal look is what I usually wear day-to-day, whether it's going to work or running a few errands. I absolutely love this white tie-up shirt from Rose Gal, it can go with so many things, and is super easy to throw on with a pair of jeans and a choker.

White Sandals | Rose Gal* (similar) 
Blue High Waisted Jeans | Primark (similar)
Embroidered Choker | My Sister's Accessories

Looking at these photos now, I really wish I had worn a pair of ripped jeans. I seem to have thrown all of mine out over Winter, and never got round to purchasing any more when Spring/Summer came around. Now that it's hot enough to wear them, I really am missing them... I'll have to keep that in mind this payday!
On the shopping trip I also took my new sandals out for a spin. Sometimes it's hit and miss with sandals, and I can never really tell if they're going to be comfortable or not. Thankfully they were super comfortable! Although i'm more of a fan of flatter soled shoes, I find that platformed ones like these last a lot longer, and it really is great when you can't feel every little stone under your shoe.

Head to Rose Gal's website here & get 10% off with the code RoseGalChen


  1. OBSESSED with those sunnies and I LOVE a tie shirt xx

  2. Wow! What a latest design of the sunglasses is this and I like it very

    1. They're definitely not boring ha! So glad you like them x

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