Don't you just hate it when certain items of clothing are stereotypically only meant for one type of person? My initial throught when wanting to buy a maxi dress this summer was 'Am I too short to wear it?' So if you've ever had to think twice about something you really want to buy, this post is for you!

Reflective Sunglasses | Zaful* (similar)
White Watch | Wallis (similar)
White Sandals | Primark (similar) 

 I absolutely love maxi dresses, and couldn't be happier with this beauty that I recently picked up from Shein. I wore it out for an early dinner at the pub with Jordan a couple of weeks ago. The sun was shining and It was super warm, which I wish I could say is still the case. On a bit of a life update, I've been taking some time out from everything recently to spend quality time with Jordan, visiting my family and generally having a lot of down time. However this month i'm planning to get back on top of things, post regularly and start going out on my weekends rather than relaxing at home. Hopefully  catching the last of the Summer will me make me feel much more content with things.

Now onto the dress! If you've ever thought, like me, that you can't pull something off, here are  few things which I always ask myself before buying, because you shouldn't let society tell you what to wear, what to buy or where to shop!

If the dress is too long, would it look great with heels?
Too short? Can it be layered on top of something else?
Can it be dressed up or down?
Not sure on how it looks on you? Don't doubt the power of accessorizing!
Do you feel comfortable?

If the answer is yes to the above, dive in and grab it while you can! If not, never settle for second best and keep looking! ...Speaking of looking, incase you love this look as much as I do, check out the Shein Sale where you can get £5 off with the code UKPTY5 (when you spend £50), £10 off with the code UKPTY10 (when you spend £80), or £30 off with the code UKPTY30 (when you spend £160).


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