What on earth is happening... Another blog post published on time? I must be crazy! ...Just kidding. After a slow start to this season, or in fact the past couple of months, I felt like I wasn't motivated with my blog, however after taking a few outfit shots in my favourite locations this weekend, I've realized my problem with motivation was content. I stopped going out to find cool locations to take blog photos, and instead I stayed close to home. Subconciously this showed, and affected the way I saw my content, even if I loved the outfit and tried my hardest to make them look great. I totally took for granted the people in my life who took the photos for my blog, and I've realized this since I moved house in June. Even though the photos aren't everything, and location, outfit, editing and writing is still super important, I personally find it essential to have one or a couple of people to help me within my hobby a few times per month. 

Burgundy Suede Ankle Boots | Gamiss* (similar)
Black Chain Strap Studded Bag | Gamiss* (similar)

Now we're past the light bulb moment, let's get talking about my outfit! Embroidery is still up there with one of my favourite ways to jazz up an outfit, and I couldn't be happier with my new Off The Shoulder Top and Black Embroidered Jeans from Light In The Box. Both are purse friendly and super comfortable, although if you do decide to take advantage of their pretty amazing sale, make sure you size up from what you'd normally wear! Thankfully I already knew this, so my new Autumnal bits fit like a dream, and I'm seriously not joking when I say that these are the comfiest jeans I own. Soft, high waisted, on trend and a bargain. What more could you ask for?


  1. I feel like I've had that lightbulb moment recently too! So many of my posts are tips and tricks, but all I really want is to post is outfit pictures, I just don't have people that are willing to take pictures for me - it can be so so frustrating! So glad you figured out is was the content that was disheartening you and got back at blogging again! So in love with all this embellishment! The shoes are gooorgeous! x

    Georgia Megan

  2. Looking stunning Emma! That blouse is just so dang pretty! x

  3. Beautiful! I have no idea why you always look stunning like that :)

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