It literally seems like a lifetime ago since I've written a wishlist, and I recently realized how much I've missed it! Writing these kinds of posts to me feels like shopping without having to spend any money. It's been a big jump from Summer to Autumn for me this year, and wierdly it's shocked me. Like I always seem to forget how cold it gets in the UK!
Anyway, if any of you guys have visited my blog in the past you'll know that the one brand which I keep going back to, that I make wishlists for almost every month is Shein. They always sell awesome clothes and accessories for super low prices... And as you can tell by looking at my favourite Autumn cover-ups today, they certainly look so much more expensive than they actually are! My favourite picks include a gorgeous fur collar camo bomber, the half-floral-half-fur jacket, and too many camel coats to mention. 
Let me know your favourites in the comments!

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