Love making crafty little projects for your house? Want to think outside the box for Christmas gifts this year? Strapped for cash? There's nothing more satisfying than making something beautiful to give or even decorate your house. Today I'm sharing with you guys a few gift ideas and a little project i've been working on this week.

For the past month I've been saving sauce jars from our cupboards. Jordan and I have had tons of ideas on how to make low cost gifts for our family and friends to go with the presents we've bought them. Tea light holders, bath salts, sweet jars, home made decorations & much more. Well this week we made them, so stay tuned to find out how...

You will need:

  • Cleaned sauce jars
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Barbecue lighter (long)
  • Stickers
  • Tea lights
  • Spray paint
  • Tea bags in water

1. After cleaning your jars, make sure they are fully dry. Cut a metre long piece of string and fasten it with a knot around the top of the jar leaving a short piece at one side, and a long piece at the other. Wrap the long piece around the whole jar over and over until around half the jar is covered. Then once you are happy, tie the other end to the short piece hanging at the top rim. Repeat with all jars.

2. Lay newspaper or bin bags on the ground outside, stand the jars upside down and spray each one fully with your chosen colour of spray paint. Leave to dry for 2-3 hours minimum.

3. Cut 25cm pieces of string, place them in the tea bags with water for 1 minute, and leave to dry.

4. Choose your favourite stickers and place one on each jar. I chose my custom stickers from Sticker App, you can check them out here!

5. Once the string has dried, tie in a bow around the top of the jar. And finally, place your tea light inside and light with a long barbecue lighter.
If candles aren't your thing, who doesn't love a good sweets jar? For a simpler version, use smaller jars, fill with brightly coloured sweets and top them off with a cute sticker! I'm planning to give both the tea light jars and sweets jars for Christmas, and can't wait to plan some more DIY ideas to decorate the house this Christmas.

Now on to the exciting part! If you're interested in making any of these DIY present ideas, or would love to create your own custom stickers for presents, gift tags or whatever your imagination could dream of, you can WIN £25 worth of stickers from Sticker App! You could spend these on ready-made designs or even include your own photos or phrases. Below you can enter my giveaway which will end on  24th November and be with you in plenty of time before Christmas. Scroll down to enter!

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