Happy party season!
 No doubt you're heading off to a Christmas work party, family get-together or night out next weekend, but have you sorted your outfit yet? I can safely say no. I have a family party on Friday night and a work party on Saturday next week, and unlike being prepared with the buying of gifts this year, i'm certainly not prepared with what I'm wearing.
I was recently browsing online sites for things to wear and saw that there were some beautiful dresses this season at in Rose Gal's plus size clothing in their 2017 promotion, so thought i'd share them! My absolute favourites are the black dress with gold sequins (row 2) and the lace sleeve maxi dress (row 4). Unless they have magically quick shipping you may or may not be able to order from here in time for Christmas, but for New Year's Eve, who knows! Anyway I thought i'd share some inspo wherever you decide to shop this party season.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
P.S Use my discount code ' RosegalChen ' to get 10% off the already amazing prices.


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