Granted I havn't been the most organised and up to date blogger over the past few months, but that doesn't mean I havn't been looking for that perfect Winter coat, the perfect hat and investing in essentials to get me through the cold weather. Here's some helpful Winter tips on what to wear to keep the cold out while still looking great!

1. The Winter Coat

Everyone is searching for the perfect one. I personally love furry lined coats with enough room to layer the thickest of jumpers. Hooded coats are also great once you find one with the perfect size. Enough to cover your full forehead even when wearing a hat, but not too big that it covers your eyes. I recently picked up this gorgeous Yellow Parka from Shein which ticks all the boxes, plus it's only £21.00 now in the sale!

2. The Leather Boots

My goodness I've been through a hell of a lot of boots this Winter. The Ugg style keep you warm but leek in when it rains, some aren't roomy enough to wear thick socks meaning you freeze and some are too thick that some may struggle to drive in them (I suffer with this problem a lot!) I recently found some pretty amazing Black Boots from Pop Julia which are absolutely gorgeous! They're pointed, slip-on with a small heel and again are an abdolute steal at £22.

3. Accessories 

And finally on to accessories. Everybody loves a good bobble hat, a soft furry scarf and a warm pair of gloves. This super soft faux fur bobble hat from Rose Gal is my newest and fluffiest favourite which will go with tons of different outfits. You can find the one i'm wearing here which is available in 7 different colours for under £15.

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