Happy New Year everybody! Yes it's a little late, I know I should have probably wished you all a happy new year 8 days ago, but sometimes you just need a break from everything, so that's what I did. From Christmas Eve all the way until last night I had a break from social media and blogging. After about 3 years of posting every holiday and practically every other day I thought it was about time I sat down, relaxed and spent some time with my family, boyfriend and kitten. So just in case you've been wondering, that's where I've been.

Choker | Primark (similar)
Silver Hoops | Primark (similar)
Leopard Print Boots | Zaful* (similar)

I shot this beautifully casual earthy toned outfit in December in the couple of days where we had snow, and my gosh looking back I really miss it! I'm wearing some amazing pieces from Light In The Box in today's post which are super warm, thick and comfortable. This lace up jumper and thick wool culottes go together perfectly, and even though it looks like i'm not wearing many layers, I was still really warm! The trousers feel really high quality and I really love the belted detailing and elasticated waist which made them even more comfortable yet still look quite formal. 

The bargain jumper at under £12.00 has been a welcome addition to my wardrobe over the past couple of weeks and I've been wearing it tons! I love the oversized arms which are balanced out with the detailing at the bottom where the jumper is more fitted too. Adding a little more detail to the minimal outfit is my gorgeous bag which is also from Light In The Box. Sadly it's sold out as are the trousers, but there are tons of similar ones plus over 10,000 things in their January sale, you can check them all out here!


  1. Love this look!
    Emma is a earthy person. Emma is a place that I was get stuck in. Emma's a pain that I can’t erase...

  2. Love this Emma, you look super cute! x

  3. Once I wrote a Superiorpaper about styling different colours in outfits, but you managed to combine two similar ones and it looks amazing!


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