Well hello there, do you remember me?
It's been a while since i've done a life update which pretty odd considering i've been posting less regularly to actually do other things! Although it seems i've most of time time busy doing nothing, I've taken a few photos to show you guys what i've been doing, what i've been loving and what i've celebrated, just to keep you up to date. We all love a good catch up don't we?
1.  Most of my home life is spending time with my boyfriend and of course my favourite little ginge, Caesar. He's 7 months old now would you believe, and he's the cheekiest most loving and loyal little man I could wish for.

2. Some of my favourite boots i've been loving. I decided to snap this photo before it's too late and I have to pack them away until next Autumn. As much as I love these boots I can't wait for summer! The top floral boots are from Zaful, the bottom left are a bargain £3 Primark find, and the bottom right are Gamiss, an old fave from 2016.
3. A typical daily Winter outfit for work or shopping consists of a thick wooly jumper, leather or wooly jacket and hat! This jumper is one of my warmest, jacket is one of my favourite leathers and the hat is just too cute. I snapped this one Sunday before getting dressed as I thought it might look good on my insta feed!

4. Last month was my 8 year anniversary with Jordan, so we looked a few days off work, had a long weekend of chilling and went out for a meal. We tried a new Italian in our home town, ordered way too much, got a free bottle of Wine and stayed up late talking about out future. Cheesy but perfect.
 5. I just had to sneak another snap of me and Caesar in the photo, he loves kisses but I never get them back! I was still in my pjs that day but had done my makeup good so I wanted a selfie with my bestie.

6. This is the first time I tried on this beaut dress from Shein. I was just getting ready for bed and thought i'd give it a go. I loved it that much I popped on some earrings and lippie to take an insta shot. It's definitely one of my go-to day dresses, the perfect length and just the right fit too!
 7. Last month I got a few new jackets, some were great and some I sold. I really love the pattern of this jacket and think it looks awesome with burgundy or dark lips, but I just don't think the cut was right for me.

8.  I got some new makeup brushes in December and last month I finally tried them. They look so gorgeous and I'm pretty impressed. I think they need wearing in a little (is that a thing?), especially the face brushes... But what a bargain, I think they were under £5 from Zaful!
 9. Here's some of the beauty things I've been loving. Aveeno is literally the best moisturiser that i've been buying again and again for year. I put it on a night or straight after I take my makeup off after work and swear by it! The Primark eyeliner and foundation are some more amazing ones. I've re-purchased both about three times now and won't go back to any others. Why pay more when the cheaper versions are better?

10. And finally say hello to the coat i've been living in since January. There's probably nothing special about this yellow jacket, it's warm with a hood, looks pretty nice, but there's just something about it... It's so bloody comfortable and I can't stop wearing it!

I hope you enjoyed my ramble and something a little different on the blog. Have a great week guys!


  1. Lovely snaps hun! Happy 8 year anniversary! It sounds like the perfect date night to me :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

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  2. I love reading through your blog, your posts inspire me.

  3. You look gorgeous and such wonderful boots!!! x


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