Black Faux Fur Gilet | Light In The Box
Floral Shirt | Everything Five Pounds
Black T-Shirt | Primark
Khaki Jeggings | Primark
Studded Black Leather Boots | Pop Julia

It feels like a while since I've gone out myself and shot some outfit photos. Yesterday was my day off work so since I had some spare time on my hands before I went to my parents house for tea I thought I'd get a few shots of what I was wearing that day! I remember really struggling not so long ago with self-shot images, I find that you have to get the correct light, focus, backdrop etc... and it's a lot harder than getting somebody else to shoot you. I'm actually really proud of these photos because I managed to find the right spot in the garden for the time of day super quickly, and even though they may not be the best, I love producing regular content as a hobby so thought they were worth posting!
My outfit was pretty casual yesterday, as a staple I go for jeggings and a plain tee for work or  casually passing time in my house. These khaki jeggings are a recent purchase from a charity shop actually, I picked them up for about £3.00 if I remember rightly... Bargain! I wore them with a plain Primark tee which I tied in a knot at the waist, layering an open floral shirt and gilet to try my best to keep warm. The weather is always unpredictable, so layering is essential every single day for me! Finally I popped on some studded boots... I usually keep these for special occasions because they're not too comfortable, but I really love the look!


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