I often talk about fashion and what I've been up to that day in my blog posts, but we honestly need a good catch up guys! Here's 5 things I've been loving watching and doing over the past couple of months!

1. Every evening I binge Netflix! I love unwinding, wearing my fluffy rabbit onesie and lying on the sofa with my boyfriend and cat with a candle burning in the distance. Over the past 6 months I've loved (and completed) Prison Break, You, Orange is the new black, Alexa & Kate, Riverdale, Black Mirror, Sabrina, Girlboss, Sex Education, Fresh Meat, Good Girls, Jane the virgin, The Good Place, Atypical and iZombie.

2. My inner adult is proud of this one... I've been loving saving my pennies and staying in on weekends! For years I've lived for the weekends, spending all my cash on having a good time going out with friends. But this year we've booked a holiday for Jordan's Birthday in May and we're doing well not going out to much. I've almost paid the holiday off which we booked in November and we're going to start saving for spending money when that's done and dusted!
3. Now I don't make new year's resolutions because I always seem to disappoint myself when the inevitable happens and I break them, but *touch wood* I'm getting back into working out and I'm feeling great for it! Since the start of 2019 I've worked out three times per week. It might not seem much to some but after taking November and December off from the gym, I'm ready to get back into it! Eating healthy 100% of the time is hard at the minute, especially with a boyfriend who loves takeaways living in the same house as me, but I'm taking it one step at a time and not being too hard on myself. I usually eat healthy breakfast and dinner, it's tea time and snacking I've got to work on.

4. Rock Band! Jordan bought Rock Band as an early Christmas present and I'm literally obsessed. If you havn't heard of it, Rock Band is an X Box game which is basically an extended version of guitar hero. In addition to the guitar we also have drums and a microphone. On more than a couple of occasions we've invited friends round for a bottle (or two) of wine and I've sang my heart out to Oasis while my friends play on the drums and guitar. I'm not the best singer but as soon as I get going I love every minute, no matter how I sound!

5. Something I absolutely love to do in the Winter months when it's freezing outside is to light lots of scented candles, play an acoustic pop playlist on Spotify and relax in a bath with lots of bubbles. Heaven.

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