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I'm back with Part 2 of my amazing collab with Everything 5 Pounds to give you not one, not two but FIVE tips on how to save the £££ without having to spend more than you can afford. If you have any additional tips to help a girl out, leave them in the comments!

1. One of the most common ways to buy on trend clothes without having to pay much is Ebay! By selling your unwanted or unworn clothes, you'll get back a little bit of cash. Building up a balance in your paypal account as the weeks go by, you'll find you can get tons for as little as 99p (plus postage) on Ebay. I've found some amazing things on there in the past, my best tip is to go on really early or late at night and bid in the last 10 seconds to win.

2.  If you would prefer to get brand new clothes with tags on, direct from the high street at a fraction of a price then head to Everything 5 Pounds! They source unsold stock from major high street brands as well as clothing direct from the manufacturers which allows Everything 5 Pounds to make their prices so low. They even have sales on where often prices can go as low as £2.99.

3. Charity shops can stock the most amazing things, I've got tons of jumpers and jeans from there recently, and all were worth at least 5 times what I paid. I would recommend avoiding them at weekends as usually the best stuff has gone, but British Heart Foundation during the weekdays holds some epic bargains not to be missed.

4. Instead of buying more clothing, it may be cost efficient to think about digging out some of your unworn clothes or Spring/Summer clothes, and pairing them with Winter basics, just like i have done in this outfit post. I took a summer midi dress and layered it up with boots, tights and a turtle neck jumper from Primark.

5. Finally, Sale shopping! I find the best place to hit sale shopping is online. Especially stores which are only online based. Because they don't have to pay for shops, store workers and so on, I find that they can be much cheaper during the seasonal sales. Check out my last blog posts for tons of bargains under £10, or head to Everything 5 Pounds & use my discount code EMMAREAY5 to save yourself 5%.

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