As you can tell by the title, The Sherpa Jacket has been on my wishlist ever since Autumn began... To be honest i'm not sure what took me so long to get one. Primark brought out the first one I saw in a pretty camel colour, but with so many people wearing it, I hung on until i spotted this beauty at Shein. As soon as I saw it i just knew I had to have it! The outside is like a casual denim jacket, slightly oversized and structured, but the inside is my absolute dream - the cosiest wool ever! No doubt you'd need to wear somehthing long sleeve as wool can sometimes be itchy, but this gorgeous jacket definitely keeps the heat in!
I paired it with a bargain find - This stripy a-line stratchy dress from Everything 5 Pounds (bet you can't guess how much it cost ha!) I've been buying a lot from there recently and have tons of cool things to show you guys. Mainly office wear but since you can wear anything at my work, there's some quirky prints and colours that you'll be seeing really soon!

I'm not as great as I once was at trend spotting, so comment below with a trend you're loving and i'll definitely give it a go :) Plus if you guy's hadn't heard you can get 15% off Shein with the code '  emm15  ' at the checkout!

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  1. I neeeeed to get one of these jackets! I used to have a burgundy one but a black one would be so much handier!

    Becca / becc4


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