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 I shot these photos a week ago today, looking at them is reminding me how much I hate snow, thank god it's gone! I'm wearing some new lovely pieces gifted by Shein. If you didn't know, I've been working with them for at least two years now, reviewing their clothing from season to season. I always find the quality of their clothing to be on point, but being from the UK where the clothes are made elsewhere means especially for my curvier bottom half, I often have to size up and cross my fingers hoping they will fit.

I absolutely LOVE this outfit, but I just wished I had ordered a bigger size in the skirt. I got it on and zipped it up, but looking at these photos I just know it's not meant to sit skin-tight on you. Nevertheless, not every outfit is perfect and it doesn't mean the skirt isn't great, it's just not for someone my size. The frilly blouse however is the perfect fit! I wore it to a birthday family gathering and got compliments from two of my family memebers! Usually I rock up in old jeans and a jumper straight from work, so this bright floral blouse was definitely making me stand out. I even wore it with red lips like in these photos too!

Finally, I just wanted to mention these amazing boots! Unfortunately they're not on the original website I got them from, but I managed to find some the same but slightly prettier from Shein, how great is that! You can find the link here and even get 15% off your order with my code '  emm15  '. Scroll down for more bargains from my favourite high street shops. Seeya soon!


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