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Here's one from the weekend, a casual outfit running errands and visiting my family! I thought i'd take my new joggers and jumper out for a spin and I really love how the look turned out! Honestly I don't buy many joggers, usually I buy a sort of plain jersey material version from Ebay and don't leave the house in them, I find they just don't really suit me at all. However I am in desperate need of comfortable pants, All i seem to own are jeans pant-wise! I was pleasently surprised when I tried these joggers on, they're a lovely silky material and fit just right. With an elasticated waist band and plenty of room, I wore them all day at the weekend and even today after the gym. At just £13.99 from Shein, I would 100% recommend them!

On my top half I wore this pretty colour block high neck jumper also from Shein. At first I wasn't quote sure on the fit, it's one of those jumpers which are fitted at the top but very loose at the bottom. I tried out a couple of ways of wearing it - Tied in a knot, loose, fully tucked in or just the front of the jumper loosely tucked in. I went with the latter and in the end decided I really liked it! Of course I had to throw on a leather jacket too. I don't know if you can fully tell but it's absolutely freezing in Blackburn, the snow was still very much a thing at the weekend. Thank god it's gone *touch wood*.


  1. nice shoot and looking nice in winter dress style.

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