Both bikinis were kindly gifted by Shein

I'm not the most confident person ever, certainly when on holiday wearing something as tiny as a bikini, so when Shein asked me if I wanted to try a few of their bikinis out in exchange for a blog post, my first thought was YES, but am i really confident enough to be so exposed on my blog? And the answer? YES, be body positive and love yourself! So here I am in my new Shein bikinis, both of which I love honestly so much! You may have seen my recent Instagram posts here and here showing them off a little earlier than in this post. You guys loved the photos and they actually performed better than most fashion posts I did. This honestly boosted by confidence enough to take some photos on a better camera for the blog. May i just say one thing though, the Iphone camera is much more flattering than my DSLR! Serious, have a look at THIS

Step 1 for Holiday Prep

  • Get your holiday outfits bought! You don't need to spend much, a few key pieces to get that can be worn over and over are a few flattering bikinis, stretchy shorts and loose vests. A good beach cover up is also a must!

Step 2 for Holiday Prep

  • Tan! I personally don't sunbathe too much, but i always bring a good fake tan to see me thorough and make me feel like I don't stick out being bright white. I use a cheap St Moriz Tan from Bodycare but I've used a really good Dove build-up-tan before that would be ideal to put on every night a few days before going on holiday

Step 3 for Holiday Prep

  • Finally, make sure you save the pennies at least a few months in advance. There's nothing worse than going on holiday and being on a budget. Being money conscious is for the other 51 weeks in the year. Go out and have some fun!

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