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Happy Sunday! Today I lad a long lie-in, then continued watching season 2 of the OA. If you havn't seen it before it's amazing! Long story short, a group of people (who we later believe are angels) go through near death experiences, travelling to another dimension to be given a series of moves. These moves when done with five people at the same time can allow them to jump realities and jump into an alter-version of themselves. They do this finally at the end of season 1 as the group had been kidnapped and were being experimented on by someone who found out about them and their powers. It's definitely worth a watch! Let me know in the comments if any of you have any Netflix recommendations, I always love trying something new!

In today's outfit post I've put together a casual outfit that I wore on my day off work earlier this week. I've actually had this jacket for a while now and had totally forgotten about it until Wednesday when I wanted to take outfit photos. Would you believe it's only £9.99 from Shein! It's definitely a summer jacket as it's not lined, but I'll be pairing it this Spring with jeggings and casual t-shirts for an off-duty vibe. I was also recently gifted a super cute layered gold choker necklace from Aphrodite which I love! It's a two-in-one, with a chain full of circles and a star in the middle for the choker part, and it also has a slightly longer chain below, forming a Y shape gold chain which I think is adorable. I love how accessories can make you feel so much more put-together than without. I definitely need to start wearing more jewellery, I used to wear it daily!

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