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Hello everybody, welcome to a brand new week! Monday is my least favourite day of the week, is it just me or does it feel like the longest day of them all? Anyway, I've literally ticked all of today's to-do's apart from this blog post. So here I am saying hi again! This weekend the weather was absolutely amazing, so me and the boyfriend took some outfit photos where I'm wearing some pretty amazing summer tops from Dress Lily! Your first installment is probably my favourite set of photos, wearing this gorgeous black off the shoulder top. It's super stretchy and comes with a soft black cotton underlay, and a mesh embroidered overlay with flared sleeves. If the sleeves were a tad longer, I'd give this top a 10/10! It's at a pretty good price comparable to most high street stores at just £18.50, but you can save 20% off that with  DBLF20 !

"So guys it's time to refresh your wardrobe! Dress Lily offer super high quality clothing at low prices, getting you prepared for any occasion whether it's Monday or Friday!" - DressLily

Today I'm sharing some photos that we took and I edited quite differently than usual. I faced the bright sunlight which I usually avoid. I used to think it created harsh shadows on my face and made parts of the photos too bright and others too dark. I think it really helped that the sun was only an hour off setting, so because the sun wasn't directly above, it worked really well. I also found that because the light was so good my photos are also a lot more in focus. This actually really surprised me since Jordan had one or two beers before taking these haha! Finally, during the editing process I recently discovered (in the raw editing window) that there are presets that you can flick through. I chose this one and turned the white balance down, nothing else. I really love how they came out. Let me know in the comments below what you think!


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