There are many things I love to do: Buy clothes, find bargains for my home, play with my cat Caesar, doing hair and makeup and of course write my blog. On the topic of buying clothes, it's a pretty hard debate for which is better - Buying clothes online or in store. You can often find some huge bargains shopping in charity shops and sifting through the sale rales at Primark. You could argue that paying postage adds onto the price by a few pounds, but shopping from the comfort of your own home plays a big part in the fact that I find shopping online SO much better! One of the main reasons? Ebay! I absolutely love buying things on Ebay.. The rush of winning something in the last second, the idea that nothing is a set price in an auction and you can get such a steal even with new clothes. One of the great things I love to do that saves you money is online shopping in let's say Topshop. I pick out some things I love and screen-shot them. For exampe If i see a red floral cami that's £24 plus delivery, I'll search "Red vest floral size 12". Then filter by 'UK Only and 'Price Lowest First'. In seconds tones of dupes will come up for under £5. Then all you need to do is turn on your notifications, watch the item and come back in a day or two when there's 10 seconds left on the listing and bid! More often than not you'll find unbranded clothes or a cheaper version for a super low price, but every now and then you can get a barely used item from the more expensive shops like Topshop and River Island for those prices too. I always try to search late at night or early in the morning too on the 'Ending soonest' filter to snap up some good branded items at great prices. Try and avoid going on 5-9pm with that filter as that's when lots of Ebayers will be bidding, so you're likely to pay more than you need to.

Let me know in the comments if you prefer to shop in store or online!

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