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I recently did a pretty big shop at Everything 5 Pounds and loved the pieces I got so much, I've decided to write a style series around My favourite pieces! Today's outfit is part one in ways to style black jeans so of course these gorgeous skinny black jeans are from Everything 5 Pounds. If you haven't heard of them before Everything 5 Pounds sell high street clothes brand new at a fraction of the price. The label says M&S so as you can imagine, they're great quality, super stretchy and comfortable. I've never bought short jeans before, I always get cheap Primark jeans at a regular length, but now I know what I should have been buying all along! Being 5ft3 jeans always need rolling up, so it was really refreshing to have a pair that shows a little ankle without having to keep rolling and adjusting my pants throughout the day.
Part one in my style series is a dressier outfit that I would typically wear to go out for a meal with my boyfriend or a few drinks on a weekend if I'm not feeling dresses that day. I paired the black jeans with a red frilly sleeve top in a sheer floaty material and matching red shoes. The top is still in stock at the moment At Everything 5 Pounds and the label actually says Dorothy Perkins! It's a really cute cut, slightly longer at the back with slight frills at the back and bigger frills around the 3/4 sleeves. I finished the look with a hint of leather - My Boohoo jacket with embroidered badges and a leather choker.

Stay tuned for Pt.2 coming soon!


  1. I do like a red and black combo


    1. I'm so glad you like it! I love a black and red outfit too, definitely a stand-out kind of look.


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