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HAPPY SATURDAY! Thank goodness the working week is over! I'm sitting down after a healthy tea sipping a well earned Cava... Doesn't it seem like the first week back after a holiday is the longest one ever? 
Today's weekend style post features two super pretty things from Shein that I wouldn't normally put together, but trying my clothes on as soon as I got them home, it accidentally just felt right. Mixing this girly floaty skirt paired with the pink cropped hoodie shouldn't work well on paper, but I'm kind of digging it! It's the kind of outfit you'd wear when the weather is unpredictable. This week for instance in Lancashire, it was 18 degrees on Tuesday and now it's chilly and raining.
I wore this light pink hoodie from Shein earlier this week to work with a pair of jeans and a white tee and my goodness, it's the comfiest jumper I own! Granted it's my only hoodie but guys, what have I been missing! On the topic of fashion I really need to keep an eye on the trends. I'm not one to follow them religiously but I do like to see how the extremes of the catwalks are filtered through the high street to wearable pieces. Mainly I look through my favourite bloggers Instagram posts to see what's what, so comment below with your favourite bloggers and I'll definitely check them out!

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