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On a bit of a life update Jordan and I have been redecorating our living room, getting rid of our old furniture, painting the walls, wood, tables etc. We've bought a really cool new TV and are looking at some cool prints to buy on payday from Desenio. Instead of bringing all of my unwanted cushions, art and furniture to the tip I've spent most of the day photographing my unwanted things and giving them away for free on Facebook to people who have just moved into houses who need them more than me. I really loved this idea so I'm doing a similar kind of thing with my wardrobe too! I have SO many clothes that I don't wear, that don't fit or just don't quite suit me and I always just keep them and forget about them. I've been putting them on Ebay for £1-2 just to get rid! I also give my clothes to charity shops every so often but this time since I was a little low on money (trying to save for my next holiday) I decided to make a pound or two on each dress or pair of shoes.

In this outfit when I was going through some of the things I never wear I thought I'd throw in a few old pieces with one new, basically to bring my old things back to life! My new Snake Print Dress from Shein is super flattering and I love the grungy kind of way I've styled it. It's one of my favourite recent outfits on the blog.


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