Nude Blazer | Primark
Choker Printed Tee | Primark
White Shirt | Everything 5 Pounds
Snake Print Sliders | Primark

I'm back with part two of my style series on 'WAYS TO WEAR BLACK JEANS'! It seems like so long ago that I did a style series, but after brainstorming different content I'd like to make for the blog it seemed like a pretty great way forward! I'm super proud of these shots, would you believe I took them on my own! I ventured somewhere a little different than usual, though not too far from my back garden. It was a super quiet ally near my house filled with beautiful flowers and I really love the look of it! This outfit is something I would typically wear to shopping in the mall or a casual lunch out with Jordan. Apart from the super comfy black jeans from Everything 5 Pounds which I raved about in part one (see here) I really wanted to feature my new sliders in the outfit post. I got them from Primark last month and wore them for pretty much most of my holiday to Barcelona. They were £5 and worth every penny!

What item of clothing would you like to see styled two ways?

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