This year I hit 26 years old, i know, I'm getting on now. I use anti-wrinkle cream, my legs get stiff when i stand after being sat for hours and my hangovers last a full day rather than a few hours. I have a full time job, pay taxes and do the food shop, I'm officially adulting. But hey, i still get ID'd for alcohol and even paracetamol in some places. Everyone has regrets, some more than others. Here's 10 things I wish i could tell 16 year old me:

  • Eat healthily for yourself - healthy body means a healthy mind.
  • Exercising is a must! Not just to keep fit, but also to stay happy and confident in your body.
  • Choose your GCSE's & A-Levels wisely, they matter!
  • Set your goals and regularly keep check if you're on track, it's not hard to stray.
  • Make time for your friends or they'll become acquaintances.
  • Start saving money as soon as you get a full time job - Savings are important not just for in case of emergencies, but so you are prepared for the future. I've just opened a Help To Buy ISA, currently i have £30 to put to my mortgage at 26. Shit.
  • Don't let people walk all over you just to 'have more friends' Stand up for yourself and only spend time with those who appreciate you.
  • Be professional and determined to get the job you want. Work hard and look like you want to be there.
  • Family time is important - Appreciate what you have & always remember how lucky you are.
  • Finally, have fun! Nothing is permanent, if you don't like something, change it. You can do anything if you believe you can.

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