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There are so many beautiful wedding photos as i scroll down Instagram. I just recently saw the #FrowWedding photos and fell in love with how pretty everything looked! Today's post is all about wedding guests and what we should wear. I've seen tons of pretty wedding guest looks recently. Zoella's dress for her friends wedding a few weeks ago was to die for, but would i really spend over £100 on a dress? We already have to pay for travel and drinks for the day, so why not save a little when you can? This gorgeous blue ruffle layered dress from Shein is something I would 100% wear to a Summer or even Autumn wedding. It's only £17.49 and this whole look only cost £29 would you believe! The thing i love most about this gorgeous pale blue number is comfort - The waist is elasticated and it hugs you in all the places you really want it to. Keep scrolling for more wedding guest outfits - All bargains of course.


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  1. De kleuren zijn zo helder, nietwaar? Ik hou van ze. Ik hou ook van je kleren.

    Dear Lover


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