Denim Two Piece gifted by Lovely Wholesale


There are tons of misconceptions about bloggers. Lots of people when I mention what i do for a hobby assume its all freebies and no work. So I thought I'd do something a little more creative rather than talk solely about what I'm wearing. I'll let you know exactly what i did before i published this blog post.

  • First of all, it started with an email. Sometimes I get emails offering collaborations and sometimes i request them. The admin hours I put in used to be about 10 hours per week. I'm always emailing people from my phone back and forth regarding collaborations - Ordering outfits, tracking shipments and sending links to blog posts which i have created for the brand. 
  • Second i choose a couple of outfits. It's not always what I would wear from day-to-day, but what would look amazing in a photo and what do my readers want to see.
  • Once the clothes arrive in the post a week or so later, I plan my outfits in front of the mirror with the accessories I have. Usually this takes me about 30 minutes per shoot. While I do this i'm usually charging my equipment. For blogging you need equipment like a decent DSLR, various lenses (which aren't cheap), photoshop, sometimes a tripod and also a fast internet connection. 
  • Then it's time to source a photographer. Sometimes i contact photographers, sometimes i use family and sometimes my boyfriend does my photography. I always pick up and drive home my photographers too. 
  • Once i pick them up, i put time and thought into choosing locations. If the weather is nice I love to go to parks and big open spaces, but i also really love locations next to big modern buildings too. Thought goes into the colour of the background to check if it would look good contrasted with what I'm wearing.
  • The photos are taken and i've driven the photographer home. Now it's time to spend an hour editing the photos. I often brighten each photo, crop if needed and add a filter which often increases contrast, adds detail and reduces yellow.
  • Now it's time to write the blog post. I often try to make a point, tell a story or give information about a certain topic related to the blog post. I find this really keeps myself and the readers interested in what I have to give, rather than a predictable blog post of 'i love what i'm wearing today'.
  • Now time for social media! A blog post needs to be shared on Twitter, Lookbook, Instagram, Facebook, Insta Stories & highlights to be seen!
  • Finally, I'll email the company back who I've been working with to send links to the blog post and social links and hopefully they'll like it. 

And there you have it, my process from start to finish. This particular outfit was gifted by Lovely Wholesale who are giving my readers 10% off with the discount code REAY10 you can check out their website here!

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